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--- Available software versions ---
--- What is the PiXL Maths App? ---

The PiXL Maths App (PMA) is a tool that is to be used to assess the strengths and areas to develop with your Mathematical knowledge. The tool assesses more than 180 different skills using the built question bank but can also be used to assess written papers.

- What is DTT and what does it look like? -

The app underlines the core principles of PiXL: Diagnosis, Therapy and Testing (DTT). To accompany the built in questions, students have access to therapy videos within the tool to help overcome any issues.


This is achieved by completing questions within the app using the in-built question bank. At the end of each assessment a short summary of the findings are displayed (as shown). The findings are split into two columns: strengths or areas to develop.


For every skill within the app, there is a short therapy video. The therapy videos are made from a discussion about the pre-requisite skills that are needed to access a question followed by an example that is explored by an experienced Maths teacher.


The app has the capability of creating endless questions around the same topic area that has been identified as an area to develop. This enables users to be able to re-test a particular topic area to ensure that the issue has been rectified.

--- How to get started ---

All video tutorials are now built into the app. To get started as a teacher, login and go to "Class Lists" and follow the tutorial to upload your students. To access the tool as a student, you should be given your login details by your teacher before accessing the app.

--- Distribution resources ---

Below is a range of training material and presentations that have been used in department meetings and assemblies. Please feel free to use any of these materials to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of the tool:

Training material - A walk through the PiXL Maths App: Adobe PDF

PiXL Maths Advert for school displays: Word Document

PiXL Maths App handout: Word Document

Hinchingbrooke School : Why use the PiXL Maths App? : PowerPoint

Bushey Meads assembly presentation : PowerPoint

Bushey Meads newsletter to parents: Word Document

Any other really successful deployment strategies you have used to inspire your students to access the app, please send them in to the PiXL admin team and they will be added for other schools to access.

--- Version history ---

Here is a brief look at the most recent additions to the tool:

1.45 All questions have now been levelled according to the new 9-1 specification. Take a challenge can now be done using either the legacy specification grading or by the new 9-1 system. Improvements made to specific questions. Fix for students skipping questions and getting points. Intuiative marking.

1.44 Bug fixes to Numeracy/Arithmetic section. Levelled questions have been introduced. Full implementation in next update. New questions - Trig exact values, functions and more circle questions.

1.41 & 1.42 & 1.43 Staff can now view statistics on the use of the PMA across the school. Therapy groups have now been added to class analysis so that you can create focus groups without changing the main class registers. The Numeracy section has landed! Students can now assess their knowledge of core number skills. "Passwords" has now been moved to "Class lists". Gap analysis student sheets now shows totals. Problem solving has been added to the homework section.

1.39 Smarter questions - no more "+-" within an Algebra question. Some questions have been made more accessible for all abilities, for example, Equations and Simultaneous Equations questions.

1.38 The problem solving section is here! Go to "Design a test" to assess yourself with the latest questions.

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