Welcome to the PMA support page. You will be able to find all that you need on this support page to help you get up and running. Please find below all of the available download links and Youtube clips to assist you in getting started.

PiXL Maths App support videos:

How to bulk upload students? How to bulk edit students? How do you design a test? How does the gap analysis tool work? How does the homework tool work?

Version history:

1.45 All questions have now been levelled according to the new 9-1 specification. Take a challenge can now be done using either the legacy specification grading or by the new 9-1 system. Improvements made to specific questions. Fix for students skipping questions and getting points. Intuiative marking.
1.44 Bug fixes to Numeracy/Arithmetic section. Levelled questions have been introduced. Full implementation in next update. New questions - Trig exact values, functions and more circle questions.
1.41 & 1.42 & 1.43 Staff can now view statistics on the use of the PMA across the school. Therapy groups have now been added to class analysis so that you can create focus groups without changing the main class registers. The Numeracy section has landed! Students can now assess their knowledge of core number skills. "Passwords" has now been moved to "Class lists". Gap analysis student sheets now shows totals. Problem solving has been added to the homework section.
1.39 Smarter questions - no more "+-" within an Algebra question. Some questions have been made more accessible for all abilities, for example, Equations and Simultaneous Equations questions.
1.38 The problem solving section is here! Go to "Design a test" to assess yourself with the latest questions.
1.37 "Design a Test" and "Skills Overview" will now only RAG once a question has been completed. Gap analysis tool now has a "My School Filter" and improved results facility for staff with all feed forward activities listed when retrieving results. Fixed issue with some videos not displaying correctly and invalid characters in bulk add/edit.
1.36 New Walking Talking Marks library added to the homework section.
1.34 & 1.35 Staff can now download the gap analysis as a csv file. This might prove useful if reports to parents include the need for a www and ebi comment. Homework now has a specific results feature and report button. Bug fix for WTM feature when device has a low memory capacity. General bug fixes.
1.32 & 1.33 New features added to "Class Edit" that enables staff to create single accounts and edit single accounts easily. A new homework feature has now been integrated where staff can set tasks for students to complete. WTM library has been added.
1.31 Create new account button phased out and power to create accounts is now in the power of staff. Work offline feature restored for mobile devices. Bug fixes.
1.19 Bug fixes for specific questions. Username now allows numbers where there are duplicate names within a class. Bulk edit feature now introduced within the staff account (go to "Class Edit" to utilise). Critical fix for uploading files to the gap analysis central source and saving more than 20 skills.

PiXL Maths Distribution Resources

Training material - A walk through the PiXL Maths App: Adobe PDF

PiXL Maths Advert for school displays: Word Document

PiXL Maths App handout: Word Document

Hinchingbrooke School : Why use the PiXL Maths App? : PowerPoint

Bushey Meads assembly presentation : PowerPoint

Bushey Meads newsletter to parents: Word Document

Any other really successful deployment strategies you have used to inspire your students to access the app, please send them in to the PiXL admin team and they will be added for other schools to access.

Core PiXL principles embedded within the app to aid learning:
Diagnosis Therapy Testing
After completing an online assessment students are given an online report outlining their strengths and areas to develop For each question within an online assessment, there are therapy videos for each skill. These can be watched to help close the gap. After diagnosing an issue and watching the therapy videos, students can return to the same question where values have been refreshed to ace it!
The app has been designed to make life easier for staff to diagnose issues with just a few clicks:
Results analysis
Online assessments Gap analysis
With students completing the PMA online questions at home or at school, all of the results are saved to the server. The PMA allows staff to extract all their class data with just a few clicks and presents the information as a covey board for ease of use. After any written assessment, the PMA can now analyse a students performance and present the feedback to both the learner and the teacher as a coveyboard.
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